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Current Beauty Faves

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I'm sure we all have our beauty products that we use regularly, on my latest trip to the shops I got some of my go to items but also switched it up a little.

Check out what I got below:

1. Milk of Magnesia

The majority of the things I use is because I've seen it on YouTube and want to see what the hype is about. Milk of Magnesia is one of them. I've been using it for a few years and it definitely works, considering I get quite oily in the T zone area. It's a really good face primer, leaving your make up still looking matt after many hours.

2. Barry M Setting Spray

I normally use the Avon Prime and Setting Spray but I'm all out, so gave the Barry M Mist & Fix Setting Spray a try. And it does not disappoint, it gives a nice dewy finish after. I tend to keep it in my bag in case I need to top up.

3. Cetaphil

My friend told me about this lotion a few years ago. Was curious to try of course! I've had eczema since I was six and get flare ups every now and again, along with rashes on my face. But this lotion keeps the heat rash under control, is perfect for sensitive skin and not too thick when applying either.

4. Nivea

I normally use the Cocoa Butter Lip Care, but have lost count of the amount of times I lose it as soon as I buy it! I wanted to try something different, and the combo of milk and honey got me so will see how good this is on the lips.

5. LA Girl Pro Concealer

The first LA Girl Concealer I got was a random shade from eBay, me not paying attention I got one that was too light for me. I know highlighters meant to be a few shades lighter but it did not compliment my skin tone at all. So whilst in PAKS I had a look at the samples and got the shade 'Fawn'. Which is the perfect zone under the eye. I find it to be quite drying though so I blend it as soon as I apply it to my under eye.

6. Eyelashes

And lastly a pair or eyelashes! Those that know me well know that I LOVE eyelashes. I'd choose lashes over make up if I had to pick. They instantly open your eyes and add a nice glam finish. I normally wear the Eyelure and Ardell ones but you know when you're lining up in a Primark que and see random bits and bobs along the line, I saw lashes and got them of course. £1 cheap and cheerful! Don't sleep on Primark lashes ladies because these looks really nice on!

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