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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

We all know if you pop into Primark you're gonna come out with at least one item right?

There's always something in there that you need...or think you need. The worst is when you're in the que ready to pay and you seem random items and you pop it in the basket!

I didn't go crazy on my last trip in there. Surprisingly just four items.

Here's what I got:


It's officially that season where we gotta whip out the jumpers, layers and thermals. Primark have some really nice knitwear in. This pink cable knit jumper caught my eye. I love to wear black but pink is my favourite colour so went for this girl shade. I like my jumpers a bit baggy, so went a size up. I've paired this with a short underneath and a statement necklace. Smart casual can't go wrong. It also comes in other colours such as grey and burgundy.

HAIR WRAP- £1.50

Now I normally wear a headscarf when getting ready to go out but I thought this was a cute alternative. It has pink polka dots and a bow which gives a proper girl vibe-and it was only £1.50!

Blending Brush - £1.00

This brush says perfect for blending so hopefully it does its job. I've been trying to learn how to do eyeshadow (YouTube is the one!) so will see how I get on with this added to the brush collection.


My old hot water bottle started leaking to had to grab a new one. This saves me every month. Sorry TMI but hot water bottles really do the trick for bad cramps. The cover's very soft and I chose pink of course.

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