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Sleek Lip Products

I popped into Superdrug this afternoon just to have a little look. Tbh whenever I go in there I leave with something lol. It's an affordable high street drug store and has everything you need!

I was at the Sleek section and their Matte Me products caught my eye. I'm more of a lipgloss girl but I already have one of their liquid lipsticks which I really like and is a shade. I swatched 'Shabby Chic' which is a girly pink and 'Roasted Almond' which is a dark brown shade. I never wear browns, but they look really nice on WOC so I thought to go for something different.



Sleek are doing buy one get the other half price on all their items, me liking a little bargain of course I nabbed both lol. They normally retail at £4.99 each.

I also have the shade 'Birthday Suit' and the Gloss Me called 'Angel Falls' which I recommend!

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