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My consistency has been a shambles. I've barely posted and I was in a bit of a funk a while ago but I'M BACK. My bestie will tell you, I have my moments. I can be hella negative and just a grumpy little old lady, I'll say straight up lol.

However these past few weeks I've really turned things around, been speaking things into existence and being more positive in general. Even when something has gone left, I'll try force it and say something positive about the situation or lo.

My saying at the moment, when one door closes another door opens. And I've already started to see this happening!

I popped into the Pound Shop the other day, and of course I went in there looking for one thing and came out with some random bits but hey. One thing I did pick up is this cute little planner. I won't lie the gold and pink caught my eye. But when I looked inside it I thought I could do with this. And who doesn't like a pretty notebook?!

It's split into different sections including a planner where you can jot down things you're inspired by, daily reflection and daily achievement. This will be my go to.

I've also gone back to reading The Secret. I'm sure you know about this.

This book is a holy grail!

What are you reading at the moment?

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