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Mood Boarding!

Keeping it short and sweet!

The other weekend best friend and I made moodboards, chilled and ate as per! I'm quite a visual person so it was good to make something I can look at, get inspired by and remind myself of the things I want to do.

It was very simple and didn't take long, went through magazines, cut and stick. Mine included things such as make up, clothes and the colour pink (just cos it looked nice tbh). Along with words including 'happy' because I'm quite a calm, happy person that likes to come with good energy (as much as I can) *plays Wiz and Skeppy*. Also the words 'fashion', 'beauty' and 'editor' because that's what I want to be. A main one 'express yourself', I need to do more of that this year through my writing and communicating with people. Bit by bit I'm stepping out of my comfort zone.

I even stuck a pic of a passport because mine recently expired, we wanna catch them flights this year so will renew that asap lol.

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