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27 and that

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Soo I turned 27 last week (as my bestie said in a voice note, "wow that's alot" lool).

I celebrated the actual day with some family, little cousins running around the house as they do. Food, drinks, music and great vibes as per. I wasn't going to do anything on the actual day but because I FINALLY passed my driving test the day before, my mum was hella happy for me so set that up lol.

I pretty much do the same with my friends every year tbh, go out for dinner (a girl gotta eat so I weren't complaining!)

My birthday's the one time I don't mind the attention on me as I'm quite shy, and to be a bit extra. Me being a proper girly girl I go all out, get my make up done, hair, nails, you name it!

So was nice to have a pampered week.

The lovely Busola who started her own make up business BusolaBMakeUp just over 3 years ago beat my face again. She knows I like my simple, subtle, pinky shades so I left her to do her thing.

My hair was revamped by my go to Sandra (Sandraamikawigs). I HIGHLY recommend her. Great customer service and she really takes her time to perfect what shes' doing. Along with making sure you're happy and if you want any adjustments made. Just how it should be!

Now my dress- I love a good dupe and to save my coins where I can lool . My dress is from eBay believe it or not!

A dupe of the House of CB 'Mara' dress. I'd like to think I was giving small sexy, classy young woman vibes with the look. lol I was really impressed with how good quality the bandage was, it looked just like the original, lovely colour and fit like a glove.

I paired this with a pair of nude snake skin heels from Simmi Shoes, simple gold bracelet and watch.

Shout out to my girls for collecting for me, probs the only decent pics I'll take this year haha.

But yeah I had another lovely birthday, so I'm grateful!

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