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Mini Hair & Beauty Haul

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I quickly popped into Primark, PAKS and Superdrug the other day to get some bits. For once I didn't end up filling my basket with random items- I know I ain't the only one. Primark will have you ramming up the basket then when you get to the tills you ask yourself 'do I really need this' then end up taking it out lol.

I just got a tail comb (essential), a mini hairbrush because I hate when my big one takes up space in my bag and some eyebrow gel to set them when done!

Also, Superdrug were doing buy one get one half price across their make up ranges, so I just got two eyebrow pencils by MUA

When it comes to my wigs, I pretty much stick to long, straight and dark with a middle parting. I like my bundles to be jet black, darkkk, colour 1 not 1B but 1 you name it lol. The bundles on my wig cap were more of a dark brown and the closure a jet black which was annoying me, so I got some hair dye in PAKS by Dark and Lovely. I'm the worst person when it comes to simply bleaching the knots on a closure so weren't tryna dye and ruin it. However it was really simple and came out just how I wanted. I made sure to wash it out thoroughly and also with shampoo and conditioner to ensure there was no more product left in.

I also use a bit along with some foaming mousse to lay the hairs on my closure, wrap a headscarf around it for a min fews, take it off and it's good to go!

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