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Mini Hair & Beauty Haul 2

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Another hair/beauty haul!

Now if you know me well then you'll know I love a wig. But of course it's a must to take care of what's underneath. I normally go to the hairdressers to get a treatment, wash and corn rows done. But I wanted to go back to using Cantu products for when I wash my hair at home. So I popped into PAKS and stocked up. I brought their shampoo, conditioner and hair lotion. I also want to try their detangler to soften the blow when it comes to blow drying cos it hurtsss lol.

The range contains shea butter and is sulfate free which is extremely good for natural hair. It's been too hot lately for a wig lol, so I'm currently rocking a ponytail done by my lovely cousin. Let the head top breathe for a bit. The wig will be back though!

But yeah doing up natural for now.

Along with that, I also popped into Primark and picked up some lashes- I always go for the same pair. Stick to what I know!

A lip gloss, lipstick and a bronzer. I don't need anymore make up. Bad habit, this is what the make up/accessry section in there does.

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