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CocoShaw Visuals x Teresa Make Up

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

A few weeks ago I headed down to the Renaissance Studios in Brixton to assist with a photoshoot. Selene who's a freelance photographer, videographer and editor teamed up with the talented Teresa who is a make up artist. She does TV, fashion/editorial, bridal plus lots more!

I love make up so I enjoyed seeing the different looks she created. She did a natural and dramatic look for each of the models. I was really feeling the glossy eyelids on Michele!

The day consisted of setting up various backdrops, lighting and test shooting. Along with getting behind the scene content for Selene and Teresa. And most importantly making sure the models were good and comfy! It was a long day but fun, good vibes and alla that!

Unfortunately I didn't get a lot of BTS of all the models, but Selene should be dropping them final pics soon, a tiny glimpse below. The make up looked amazing so keep a look out :)

Check out their work on the gram:


Teresa Make Up

Claude Knight

Bodil Hareide


Photo Credit: Teresa Make Up, Myself

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