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L'Oreal Paris, Simple and Elf Superdrug Haul

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I've always preferred Superdrug to Boots for some reason. So I popped in the other week to check out their Foundations since mine ran out. Them ones were I was reaching with the last few pumps eek!

I have a Mac Studi

o Fix Fluid, but that's for if I go out out (the price of that one small bottle, can't be using that everyday, don't judge me lol).

So I wanted something for day to day if I feel to wear make up. I've tried the L'Oreal True Colour Match before which is really good but they didn't have my shade so I went for the L'Oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Foundation instead. I normally use up to two small pumps, and it still gives good coverage.

I also got their Infallible Primer.

3 for 2 across all make up products.

Shades 'Deep Amber' and 'Coco'

I normally use the LA Girl Concealer but I've never tried Elf products before so decided to try the 16hr Camo Concealer ('Deep Olive') instead. A little goes a long way with this. I like the applicator, as it gives good control of how much coverage you want.

I've never done a face mask so randomly picked up one by Simple. It's made in Korea, and I've been told Korean skin care is really good. I have eczema so I'm fussy about what I use on my skin, face especially. But this felt really hydrating and moisturizing. I left it on for about 20 mins then peeled it off and my face felt hella smooth!

Lastly, I got a packet of Micellar facial wipes, good for sensitive skin.

I wanna get more into skin care so any product suggestions would be appriciated :)

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