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Skin Care Routine?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

During this lockdown I know we’ve paid a bit more attention to the at home self care routine since we can’t go out and do our usual things. Whether it be a nice little face mask or painting nails (I won’t get started on the nail situation L)

Skin care has been an interest lately but never had a routine. I’m the make up wipe, wash face with Simple then moisturize kind of girl.

I know some take the skin care game seriously which is good. I’ve been watching videos and see there’s a few steps to it. Toners, serums, exfoliate ect.

I like putting on make up, it's fun, you can experiment with new products and all that good stuff. So I think it’s important to have a healthy, flawless base so you can enjoy the foundation, highlighter and all them things even more.

I’ve had eczema since I was a child, as I’ve gotten older I’ve learnt to manage it better and I’m aware of the things that can trigger a flare up. I’ve haven’t had this for a while, keeping it under control. A lady that specializes in skin care recommend me some products a while ago from the brand Avène. She gave me mini testers which I liked, wasn’t harsh and felt cool on my face. I’ve used products before which have given a burning sensation, which is why I use Cetraben on my face most of the time since it’s used to it.

So I’m gonna try maintain a routine, I got a toner to start with. I thought I got a moisturizer as well, saw the word lotion but clearly wasn't paying attention eek. And Sanex do good shower gels aswell, sensitive skin friendly.

Also Look Fantastic came through with 20% off. Gotta save where we can during times like this especially.

They're now doing 10% off orders and free delivery over £25. I've noticed a few of these Insta/YouTube babes be having discount codes also which is useful.

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