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At Home Gel Remover

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Ladies we miss getting our nails done but soon come...eventually lol.

I normally have acrylics on but took them off in Feb to give my nails a break, thinking I'd get a fresh set for my birthday in March but everything got locked off. However our safety is more important.

So whilst we isolate we can do a bit of DIY. I literally had to take matters into my own hands since my nails were looking scatty. I'd been picking at the gel polish trying to pull it off (don't do it!) but wanted to be legit and have the correct tools so I went on Amazon and got what was needed.

I always watch how my nail tech does it, pretty simple and straight forward.

1. File/cut down your nails to desired shape or if they're too long.

2. Soak cotton bowl in Acetone and place it over your nail.

3. Wrap nail in a small piece of foil

4. Place nail clip and wait!

5. Check after 15/20mins then use scraper to remove the gel polish. If it's not coming over as easily, then leave your nails covered a bit longer.

6. Use nail buffer then a strengthener on top.

I used a polish remover from Superdrug but would recommend something a bit stronger as it took ages. I left it on for more than 25 mins.

I also recommend using a nail strengthener. A while back I kept on re doing acrylics for over a year, my nails were very weak when I finally took them off. My friend recommended Mavala to me, within two weeks my nails were no long brittle, soft or breaking easily (it even hurt to scratch my head my nails were done). You just need to apply it to the tips.

Gel remover kit


Also sold on Amazon

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