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I'm Getting into This Skin Care Thing

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

So a few weeks ago I did a post on skin care because I'm trying to be a skin care babes too!

Since being in lock down my skin has been able to breathe more since I've now stopped wearing make up. I never wore it on a daily basis before, but max 2/3 times a week. Not gonna lie I go through some days where I don't drink enough water but I've patterned up and have been sticking to it! Especially as I've seen a difference in my skin. It looks much clearer and healthy. I've been told before I have good skin but do get heat rash and dermatitis on my eyelids every now and again. So will be maintaining the good results.

I previously said I've tried Avéne products before, so wanted to stick to it. I used the Thermal Spring Water a few years ago on holiday and it was really soothing on my face especially being out in the heat. I'm also going to test it and use it as a setting spray when I next wear make up.

Also my pores are quite visible on my nose and cheeks if you look closely, so I wanted a product to maintain and hopefully reduce that. After doing research I decided to purchase the La Roche-Posay Controlling Moisturizer. It's good for oily skin, controls pores and can be used in your day or night time routine. Along with that, I've been using the L'oréal Pure Clay Mask, which I use in 2-3 times a week in the evening.

Again I got everything apart from the clay mask (£3.95 on the Superdrug website, usually £7.99!) from Look Fantastic. I also got a concealer from Nars in the shad Cacao.

I spent over a certain amount so was able to get the Bobbi Brown eye repair cream as a free gift.

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