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4C hair care- protein treatment and leave in conditioner

For the past few months I've been styling my natural hair in a top knot bun with bangs. Unfortunately I've gotten some heat damage at the front due to straightening my leave out too often :(

BUT it can be fixed! I've been reading up lately on the different hair porosities- I think I have a high hair porosity as it absorbs moisture quickly and can get quite dry. So I got a few products to use as a protein treatment. This will make my hair less prone to breakage and treat the heat!

I did the treatment on Wednesday and felt a difference in the texture of my hair after. It was really soft and the curls nicely defined. It will take a while for where the heat damage is to revert back to its natural state. But I think doing a deep treatment once a while for now will do my hair good.

Originals by Africa's Best Hair Mayonnaise

This hair treatment contains egg protein, herbal extracts and olive oil- perfect for helping damaged hair. There are so many natural hair care blogs which have been helping me research the best methods and ingredients. I read that banana, honey and natural yoghurt are also good for locking in moisture, eliminating frizz and adding hydration.

Cantu Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner

I haven't used a leave in since my last pot finished, so I grabbed the Cantu leave in conditioner, this one also contains argan oil. I've been using Cantu products for a few years now and my hair takes well to it.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

100% raw coconut oil which I added to the protein treatment. It can also be used for skin (and cooking!) which is a plus.

Spray Bottle

Lastly, to keep retaining moisture I've gotten into the habit of spraying my hair with water randomly as it gets dry quickly and 4C hair especially likes and needs it!

Spraying my head with water was an easy way to see exactly where the heat damage is. The water reverted my curls back to its natural state, allowing me to see where the leave out was stay pretty much straight.

I'm just going to be consistent with it, as it grows out I'll cut off where the damage is.

I got these items from a recently opened hair shop in Wood Green, Beauty Queens Hair & Cosmetics. It has everything you need in there, great customer service and a bit cheaper than PAKS (yes I like to price compare!)

Beauty Queens Hair & Cosmetics- Instagram

Product list

  • Originals by Africa's Best hair mayonnaise

  • Cantu argan oil leave in conditioner

  • 100% raw coconut oil

  • Spray bottle - £1.00 from Poundland

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