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5 black owned skin care products you NEED to try!

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

The past few weeks have sparked up a lot of conversation regarding black lives, micro aggressions and the need to educate one another. While this can be very intense for lots of people, it is important for our society that we go through this and come out the other end more informed and evolved.

It is promising to see so many fashion, beauty and hair brands finally focus on serving a more diverse audience (though one has to ask why it took mass protests for them to recognise they had a huge potential market they were underserving...)

So scroll down and check out our top 5 skincare brands to shop, all owned by black women.


Tasha brings Ahyoka which is the home of premium raw and natural shea butter products which are grown in West Africa. Providing a great service via her Etsy store, a variety of products are available, including organic coconut oil, organic lemon shea butter and raw African black soap. We love that the products are 100% natural and have not undergone any chemical refining process or extraction.

Shea butter is particularly good for eczema prone skin and for those with a kinky hair texture- especially 4C type.

Hyper Skin

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by various things such as atopic eczema and acne. Desiree Verdejo saw a gap in the market whilst pregnant with her daughter. She struggled to maintain the extensive hyper pigmentation which was hormonal based.

Therefore she created her own beauty product after trialling various ones on the market which did not perform for her. The vitamin C product is infused with turmeric, kojic acid and bearberry.

Black Girl Sunscreen

It can be an issue for people of colour when using sunscreen as it can leave a cast on the skin, especially when you just want it to blend in and absorb well. Shontay Lundy was creative and innovative to produce a product specifically for darker skin.

Infused with carrot juice, avocado oil and jojoba oils this sunscreen is the perfect fix to keep your skin protected and hydrated - along with doubling up as a moisturizing lotion.

Asante Luxe Glow

Asante Luxe Glow was created up makeup artist Natalie Dapaah. Combining her passion for makeup and skin care, she produced this vegan and organic body shimmer. Bridging a gap between makeup and skin care, Asante Glow is an oil that is natural and skin-friendly. Along with giving that sun kissed look whether you’re on holiday or simply want that extra glow for a normal day.

Liha Beauty

Created by best friends Liha Okunniwa and Abi Oyepitan, Liha Beauty brings together beauty products that are just like the ladies- a combination of their African roots; and sassy British attitude.

Their products include Idan oil, made with cold pressed coconut oil, immersed with a Tuberose oil. It is multipurpose; great for a facial oil and leave in conditioner.

The simple yet beautiful packaging is also reusable and recyclable.

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