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Bioderma & La Roche Posay

The past year I've gotten more into skin care, experimenting with products and seeing what is a hit and miss for my me. I've been using these three products for a while now so can give a quick fair review on how good they are!

Bioderma shower gel

I normally use the Sanex shower cream, as it's sensitive skin friendly. But before Christmas I had an eczema break out and wasn't sure what triggered it so decided to change shower gels. The pharmacist recommended Bioderma. I'd heard of the brand but hadn't used it before. I'm glad I did because it feels soo nice on the skin, smells great and importantly it's gentle making it suitable for very sensitive skin.

But because I was too fast I got 200ml for £8 in my local chemist but after doing my due diligence (it's a must), I then purchased a 1L bottle from Look Fantastic for £11.20 ( it was on offer).

I'm still not sure what the cause of my breakout was, but I've used Sanex since and my skin has remained fine.

Bioderma cleanser

Is it just me tries to justify adding to the basket because there's some sort of % off and you want to qualify for free delivery? Lol

Well I'm glad I did as I wanted to experiment with a new cleasner. The Bioderma foaming gel removes make up really well and still leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I've found in the past with other cleansers that my face can feel quite dry afterwards but it's not the case with this product.

La Roche Posay

Last but not least, I purchased the La Roche Posay moistruiser again, I spoke about it in a previous post here. It was that good I had to get it again!

Great for oily skin and reduces the look of pores. It depends, but most times I'll use this in my morning and night time routine.

What other products do you recommend?


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