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Bun & bangs- my essential products

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

The past few months I've given wigs a rest and instead have been liking the little top knot and bangs combo.

To maintain this hairstyle, I keep it wrapped most of the time when in indoors.

Here are the main products used to achieve and maintain this quick and simple look.

Gummy wax

I only jumped on this last summer! The hold it leaves- amazing. I previously used Eco styler gel, but it's nothing compared to this stuff. I love that it doesn't flake and it smells nice too.

The key is to blow dry around your head for a few seconds after applying then you're good to go. Or you do this and wrap your head with a scarf to get the back laid nicely.

Foaming mousse

This is optional, but I sometimes use this after the wax and put a scarf around my head.

Bonding glue

If you want to put in some tracks, bonding glue does the job. After a week or two, the tracks will become loose, making it easy to gently take out and not irritate your scalp.

Heat protectant spray

I ALWAYS use this before applying heat to my hair.


These help to blend in the texture of my natural hair and tracks perfectly.

Needle and thread

Optional if you want the bun to be that extra bit secure.


It depends what I'm wearing but I might add one to go with my outfit.


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