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By Moonie- supporting black businesses

During lock down from May to June I took part in an online personal development programme ran by an organisation called You Make It. It consisted of workshops and guest talks by a range of people within the creative field. Along with yoga sessions (shout out Lizzy Edwards!) and mentoring sessions. They even offered therapy, which was amazing.

From screenwriting, presenting, art, spoken word designing and lots more, I got to know the group of women pretty well considering this was all via Zoom!

They're very talented. One of the women, Munait runs her own business 'By Moonie'. Specialising in hand made velvet accessories and personalised gifts such as cushions, make up bags and sleep masks.

(Photo credit: By Moonie)

She kindly sent me my own personalised cushion. It’s black velvet with gold stitching.

I think it's important for women to support each other and especially black businesses so check out her products!

Her website is coming soon

Instagram @by_moonie

Etsy store: ByMoonie

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