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English & CO- The Conscious Lifestyle Brand

Those that know me well will know that I'm all about self care. Whether that is going for a walk, getting your nails done or enjoying some mindful meditation.

So what better way than my first post of 2022 to be about the wellness brand English & CO.

English & Co is a conscious luxury lifestyle brand, founded by Jordan English in 2021. The first time I met Jordan his energy and personality was wild (in a good way haha), just vibes basically! So I definitely had to go and support when he kindly invited me to his launch last August.

Photo credit: English & CO

I particularly enjoyed trying out each (well I tried as many as I could lol) cocktail he selected. Yes, I still remember that passion fruit and pomegranate martini!

Jordan began his career in hospitality so it made sense for him to incorporate his gift and art for mixology to English & CO.

Photo credit: English & CO.

Have a look at the classic, iconic and celebration collection here.

What stands out for me with English & CO is the passion for being very specific with the kind of products created in order to enhance peoples wellbeing and give them a luxury experience whilst indulging in their self care routines. Giving you access to beautiful, contemporary pieces of art, jewellery (Essence jewellery collection launching this month), and the signature collection. This includes herbal bath salts, incense, and vibrant citrus oils plus more. Allowing you to be 'the creator of your own beautiful environment'.

Photo credit: English & CO

For me personally since the first lockdown, I started indulging in my self care a lot more- mentally and physically. Therapy is something I think everyone should have access to and experience at some point in their life. Talk It Out provides an opportunity to speak to someone one to one about whatever is going on with you personally.

I love that the brand finds this important and wants to break down the stigma around mental health.

I asked Jordan to sum up English & CO in three words. He casually dropped "conscious. Luxury. Inclusive".

The first pop up shop is happening on Saturday 19th February.

Check it out- shop and sip!

Also have a look at their Instagram here and website

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