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Hair care favourites- Cantu, Creme of Nature & Got2b

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Ladies (and gents!), I'm sure we was all annoyed when the hairdressers and nail shops got locked off (again) the weekend before Christmas, however we've got to work with whatever we have. So I'm just glad PAKS is still up and running haha

I normally go to the hairdressers every now and again for a treatment, wash and corn rows or I just do twists on myself (I don't know how to corn row, don't judge me!) . However I prefer to wash my hair myself (save them coins!), along with doing a treatment when I think I need it. This consists of me using the Cantu intensive deep treatment masque.


I've been using the Cantu shampoo and conditioner for quite a while now, my hair takes to it well so I've stuck with it. The shea butter scent smells amazing and their products don't include any sulfates or parabens. Along with being made particularly for curly, coily and wavy hair- definitely 4C friendly!

Creme of Nature

I normally use the Creme of Nature mousse to flatten any fly away hairs when I wear wigs- small tip, use the mousse then put a head scarf on for about 10 mins, your wig will be looking laid, flat and good to go :)

I normally use the Cantu lotion to moisturize my hair, but wanted to try something different so picked up Creme of Nature's creamy oil moisturizing hair lotion instead. It contains argan oil from Morocco, adds a shine to my hair and leaves it feeling really soft- which makes it easier to comb!

Also it's more cost friendly in comparison to the Cantu version and does the same job so win win.


I normally use the blasting freeze spray to glue down the front of my wigs (I don't have patience for lace frontals lol so 5x5/6x6 closures does the job!), or they can be worn glueless. I've now used the Got2b styling gel a few times and can say it holds really well and doesn't leave any residue. I put a tiny bit of the gel on the end of a rat ail comb then dab it just in front of my hair line, wait a few seconds then put my wig on or I put it straight on the lace.

Any order works fine.

What are your go to hair products?


* The Cantu products I purchased were £4.69 in store but £8.99 on their website*

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