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Hair care! Shea Moisture

Hopefully by now you'd have gotten the gist that I'm all about a bit of self care. A part of that for me is taking care of my natural hair.

I've written about Cantu products before as I've been using it for years and my 4C hair takes really well to it, but I had a random urge to try something new so decided to go for the Shea Moisture range. There was so many different versions of their shampoos and conditioners and PAKS can get a bit overwhelming I think! Originally I wanted the Jamaican black castor oil version which contains peppermint and apple cider vinegar but it was out of stock so I decided to try the coconut and hibiscus- and I'm glad I did!

A pro for me is that it doesn't contain sulfates or paraffins, a little goes a long way and the SMELL- amazing. Whilst applying the shampoo I could see my curls becoming really defined, I then used the conditioner and left it in for about 5 minutes then rinsed with cool water.

Then the standard order of blow drying and straightening ready to go back in a little top knot bun. I've really been liking this kind of hairstyle lately, surprisingly don't miss my wigs but they will be back eventually!

Luckily I have not experienced any heat damage but after my next wash I will be air drying and staying away from heat for a while- even though the shrinkage is real!

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