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Half up half down

First post of 2023!

Short and sweet one, last week I did up a bit of self care and got my hair done. I tried out a new hairdresser that I found on Instagram (yes, the gram)

MelR Hair, based in Enfield was amazing. She did exactly what I wanted, how I wanted. The precision and professionalism 10/10.

I got a half up half down with no leave out at the back, using 3 bundles of 24" hair. Normally I dye my bundles jet black but I couldn't be bothered, luckily the shade went well with my natural hair colour.

I loved that this style was done with no gel or wax- normally when I do buns/ponytails gummy wax or eco styler gel is used. However, she achieved the hold with a super hold spritz/spray, allowing my natural hair left out for the ponytail to lay nice and flat.

This is a easy style to maintain, I make sure to wrap it at night. In the morning I simply run through it with my Remington straighteners, use some wax on my baby hairs, tie a headscarf on for about 10mins to set it then done!

I'll definitely be going back, I want to try out a short blunt cut next!

Ladies, book her!

Instagram: MelR Hair

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