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Lockdown birthday glam

One thing about me is I don't really like attention, however when it comes to my birthday I don't mind being extra since it's my one day to do the most if I want to lol

I turned 29 last Friday so since staying in is the new going out, and me being me I did birthday glam from the comfort of my living room!

My plan was to eat, drink and catch a small vibe- simple, exactly what I wanted


I've known Busola for 5 years now, she first did my make up for my 24th and around that time is when she first started her make up business. She gave me a subtle birthday glow, exactly what I wanted. I sent her my inspo and she ran with it. We went for a very simple matte brown eyeshadow, with a winged eyeliner and lashes. She used a pink blush from Rimmel which I need to get my hands on, along with my go to of a brown lip liner and nude gloss.

I feel like less is more so was really happy with the final look.

I've said this before but make is fun! So I always enjoy seeing how Busola's looks come together.

Check her out on the gram here, she's always posting reels consisting of fashion, hair and beauty.


I styled my hair in my usual go to way- super, sleek and straight!

Check out how I style my wig made by Lesley here

18" closure

3x22" Peruvian straight- blunt cut


Midi dresses are more my vibe but I really liked the mini I got from Oh Polly. It came in a blush pink but I went for the champagne gold as I don't have anything that colour.

The dress fitted really well- hugged my body in a comfortable way. It featured underwired cups and a nice little lace detailing. I paired this with gold perspex heels from Pretty Little Thing.

Make up artist- Busola B

Wig made by- Lesley Hair

Dress- Oh Polly

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1 Comment

Mar 27, 2021

Gat daym gal is dat u yh - looking FIRE! Perfect look, especially that dress <3 Happy belated :D

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