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Mini beauty haul- Dior, L'Oreal & Revolution

I've said it before make up is fun!

Have a look at my latest products added to the collection:

My go to MUA Busola used this on me when she did my birthday make up. Me being me I definitely asked her the shade number so I could go get it myself- and I'm glad I did!

Majority of my concealers are drug store brands, so it was nice to add something high end in there. The quality is amazing, a little goes a long way. I like how it's buildable and can give you that full coverage if wanted.

I don't wear make up everyday, but I've found that by applying some of the concealer under my eyes and dabbing with a damp beauty blender, it instantly brightens my face a bit (plus makes me look more awake!). This concealer works well on its own and with foundation.

I finished my NARS so went back to this drug store staple!

I normally use 1-2 small pumps, which does the job. I like how the foundation doesn't feel heavy on my face at all and is suitable for sensitive skin!

Revolution Infinite Concealer

I normally use the Fenty Beauty Match Stix but wanted to try out a liquid concealer to contour instead. Again, a little does the job- I found out the hard way when I used a bit too much and struggled to blend it out!

Revolution is a very affordable brand and are becoming a favourite. They're branching out to skin care and even make grooming products.


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