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More skin care! Anew, Planet Spa & La Roche Posay

Nearly coming up to a year since I started getting more into this skincare thing!

I'd heard of La Roche Posay before and seen their products in the shops, but the first lockdown made me want to explore some products more (and probs a bit of boredom since we was all stuck indoors!)

Here are my latest skin care go to products I've been liking lately

Anew Vitamin C Radiance Tonic

I was previously using the Avène mattifying toner as mentioned in my post here but it ran out so I decided to try the Anew radiance tonic. So far I really like it, I was a bit concerned as it's got a bit of a scent and thought that could trigger my eczema but so far so good. I've used it a few times and love how it absorbs into my skin and leaves it with a bit of a glow

Planet Spa Ayurveda Bath And Body Oil

I highly highly recommend this product by planet spa. I'm on my second bottle. It's the scent that gets me, I love the smell of coconut milk it leaves once applied. It's a multi purpose use- you can pour 1-2 capfuls into the bath for a nice pamper session of simply use it on your body.

Fluffy foam cleanser

I'm yet to try this one but it smells good. It contains willow and leaf extracts, perfect for my skin type- combination to oily. It also has no sulphates which is another pro for me. I like that I've got a mix of affordable and a bit of high end quality products in my building skin care collection!

La Roche Posay

This was recommended to me, I already have some La Roche Posay products which my skin reacts to very well so gave this a go. A few months ago I had an eczema fnlare up o my face which happens very rarely. I don't always like to rely on steroid creams for that as it thins your skin over time and most likely the flare up will come back anyway. This hyrda intense cream feels extremely soothing, non greasy and gives great moisture. I don't use it often but when I do a little goes a long way.

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