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My kinda self care

Now throughout the first lockdown especially, I came to really be about my self care. All that time indoors, it became a must for me. It differs for everyone- whether that be getting 8 hours of sleep a night, eating your 5 a day or exercising.

My kind of self care is all about doing the things that make me happy, feeling good emotionally, physically and mentally- along with just calm vibes in general tbh.

Just want to share a few of my fave things I got recently, that contribute to me pampering and taking care of myself. I also thought these could be cute little stocking fillers/secret Santa gifts for this Christmas period!


I am a Superdrug regular. It has everything I need, without fail I could just be popping in and end up leaving with something (eek). I really liked the Revolution sheer lipgloss I got in my last post, so wanted to try a different shade- I got 'head turner' this time. Which would again go well with a brown lip liner of your choice. Sticking with Revolution, I got this little compact highlighter set in 'don't hold back'. I really like bronze and gold shades as they compliment my skin tone well.

You know when you got to pay at the till and they always have random bargain items which the cashier tries to twang you with? Yeah that's what happened with the sock pack. But I've never tried one, so a first for everything.


I only went into Primark to exchange something but you know how it gets!

Their candles smell really nice so I got the scent clean cotton for my room. The white with gold text is simple and feminine I think. I love make up but if I had to choose I would go for lashes instead, as they just change your face and open up your eyes in my opinion. Lasty, I picked up a foundation brush- always need a spare for when you've washed the other and it's drying. I've been watching Mikai Mcdermott these past few months (stunning!), she used this brush in a recent video. I remembered when I saw it in the store so decided to try it out. I normally use Real Technique brushes, but again it's good to have spares.

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