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My quick super sleek straight hair routine

My go to will forever be a simple super sleek straight middle part wig- dyed jet black!

I don't know why but I don't like dark brown on me, so whenever I purchase bundles I need to dye them black (colour 1 yes!)

I really do like to stick to what I know but I have been thinking this year I want to experiment with some highlights at least.

My wig was re vamped by the amazing Lesley. She provides a revamp service where she sews the bundles and closure onto a new cap. Along with washing, conditioning and re styling.

3x22"- blunt cut

18" closure

Normally I would section it into smaller parts but sometimes I just wanna do a quick quick routine and go!

Check out how I get my hair super sleek and straight:

I also used some of the products mentioned in my last hair post here


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