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NARS, Laura Mercier, Sleek & Fenty Beauty Mini Haul

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Not gonna lie, I'll use any excuse to buy make up, so I updated my collection a few weeks ago since outside was basically opening!

I wanted to try out a different primer so I went for the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Primer. I got the travel size to see how I find it instead of the bigger version. So far so good! I can get an oily t zone but this leaves a nice matte finish and holds my makeup.

I've heard lots of good reviews about NARS for a while so I wanted my next foundation to be something I hadn't tried before since I mostly stick to L'Oreal and MAC. After watching my fave MUA's and Youtube tutorials I went for the shade Namibia. It's the perfect match, I tend to only use two small pumps so it will definitely last. I like that it feels extremely lightweight, but can be built up depending on your preference. Also, a big pro for me is that it's not scented! There was no testers of the L'Oreal Infaillible so I didn't know it would have a perfume like scent (I don't like to waste products so it'll still get finished lol).

My cousin Jen got me onto this Sleek concealer! She's been using it for a while and it looks really nice on her. My Elf one has more of a yellow undertone but this in the shade creamy cocoa is a cooler undertone which I prefer. Not too bright, but bright enough.

I was never bothered to go check out Fenty Beauty at Harvey Nichols when it came out, so I'm glad Boots sell the collection now. Nice and local! I'm trying to switch up how I do my makeup a bit, so instead of just using a powder contour; I use this cream based stick in the shade Espresso and then set it with a powder.

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