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Laura Mercier- primer & setting powder

My last post of the year!

I wanted to end it with a quick and simple one. Like I've said make up is fun, so check out the two new products I got myself for Christmas (yes, I gifted myself why not?!) :

I first got this primer (mentioned it in a previous post here) over a year ago. I got the travel size version because I wanted to try it out first. I've also used other primers alongside this, but it's really good- especially for oil prone skin. A little goes a long way, so I decided to get the bigger size. Applying to the nose and cheeks does the trick. I got 15% off in Boots as they was doing offers on selected premium hair and beauty products. Keep an eye out as this is still valid on some items.

Photo credit: Boots

I got this in the shade Honey. I've had my eye on it for while but never committed. I found it helpful to watch some of my favourite beauty YouTubers- as some of them are a similar skin tone so it gave me a rough idea on how the product could look on me. I haven't used this yet, but will hopefully take some pics or a video when I do! I'm curious to see how the flash back will be under my eyes.

Photo credit: Boots

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