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Nude lip & brown liner

When it comes to make up I'm a simple girl and stick to what I know (not sure if that's a good or bad thing?!)

My go to has always been a brown lip liner and nude pinky glossy lip. It suits my skin tone, isn't too much but enough for me and looks good. So I popped into Superdrug the other day and got a new shade to add to the collection. Before I stuck to Primark's high gloss in the shade 'nude ambition' but I really like Revolution's gloss in the shade 'piece of cake'. It's thick but doesn't feel clumpy or sticky when you put it on. I can also feel the quality is different compared to the Primark version (tbh I'll still use it though).

I also got a lip balm by Vaseline cos can't be having dry lips now! I always use a balm before lip gloss.

What's your go to lip combo?

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