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Say less, do more

Happy new year!

Something I've been trying to adapt to lately is instead of saying I'm going to do something- just DO IT. Some wouldn't believe when I say I'm very shy. A good friend of mine told me to not worry about who's going to read my content but just keep posting and creating.

Which I need to maintain! I like to write for myself, so I love when I get positive comments about a post or when someone tells me they're going to try a product I wrote about or purchased it :)

So here's me looking very simple (but not basic) in my Shein set which I wore to my friends birthday dinner last week. A very quick, easy and comfortable outfit.This is something casual that I would normally wear with thick socks, trainers and a bomber jacket thrown on top. But I dressed it up with heels, a bag and oversized blazer from Pretty Little Thing.

On top of that because it's been cold, I wore this brown faux leather trench coat from Rita Ora's collection with Primark.

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