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Smart casual- ASOS, PLT & River Island

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Outside is basically open and my fits are good to go!

I'm very girly, so I do like a dress and heel but comfy casual is still a bit of me.

I linked up with my friend the other week, we went for dinner then winged it and ended up in a dessert spot called Snowflake Gelato (highly recommend!)

It was really warm on the day, but evenings tend to be a bit cooler so I paired my crop top from Pretty Little Thing with high waisted jeans and a white blazer also from PLT to add a bit more of a smart feel to a very simple outfit.

My hair was up in my go to style of a top knot bun and bangs- check out the products I use to style my natural 4C hair in my last post here

What's your go to casual outfit?


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