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Sustainable fashion? Hurr Collective, House of CB

Sustainable fashion is the way forward. I'm guilty of buying outfits for occasions/events and never or rarely wearing them again. Especially when it comes to my birthday fits. My birthday is the one time where I'm gonna be extra, do up full glam and enjoy my self care.

I randomly came across Hurr Collective on Tik Tok. It's a website where you can rent and lend items such as dresses, bags and accessories.

House of CB are known for pretty, glam and occasion outfits. I got my birthday dress from there last year (have a look here). That dress is something I could get away with wearing again for a special occasion or on holiday. But the dress I had my eye on this year I knew I wouldn't wear again. So I decided to be smart with my coins and rented this beautiful fuchsia satin mini dress from House of CB. It sells for £159 but I rented it for just under £60. This made sense for me, as I knew I'd only be wearing it for a few hours.

It was very 'birthday' and gave extra, especially with the open back that draped down to my waist and tie collar that flowed down to the floor.

I kept everything else simple with black heels and rose gold studs. I purposely went for a short blunt cut ponytail as I didn't want my hair to cover the back of the dress. My go to Busola gave me my soft glam as always and that was it. She also has a beauty studio (Allure House), where you can get massages, facials and your hair done.

Check them out if you have a wedding, birthday or just want an outfit for a special event. The process was very easy, the dress came when expected and in excellent condition. The price depends on how long you hire an item for- you have an option of 4 to 20 days.

If people can rent cars and bags then I can definitely rent a dress and will again!

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