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White midi dress

Updated: May 8, 2021

The first weekend since lockdown plus the good weather had a lot of us wanting to get out I'm sure...not gonna lie, I've had my outfits (some still with tags don't judge me lol) in my wardrobe for a while ready to be worn. I've gotten used to loungewear, so it was nice to dress up a bit!

So here is my very simple and casual but still cute outfit, which can be dressed up or down. I like a bodycon fit as it hugs your figure, but a big plus for me is when it's actually comfortable to walk in despite it being tight. It's always risky to wear white, but I love how clean and sleek it looks- perfect for spring. A quick change of jacket or footwear allows this soft ribbed midi from Pretty Little Thing to take you from daytime picnic vibes to a rooftop bar garden.

I paired mine with a simple pair of trainers from River Island. If I wanted to switch to a evening look for example, I would wear a pair of orange heeled sandals as a pop of colour would compliment the white nicely. It was so warm I didn't need a jacket but I did have a shacket from Boohoo ready to wear over the dress, which matched perfectly with the beige pouch bag from ASOS.



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