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Young London Boutique- Jewellery & Accessories

Young London Boutique is a jewellery and accessories brand which launched in March last year. Despite its first year during a pandemic, it continues to go from strength to strength. Founded by my girl Samina, I had a quick catch up with her and asked what inspired her to start YBL:

What made you want to create Young Boutique London?

"I started it because I have always loved jewellery and it's always the last thing I put on when I get ready. My first job out of uni was retail display with jewellery which is when I first started really getting into it, and I have worked other jewellery based is since.

I think jewellery is very underrated and can transform your look, I also like the sentimental aspect of jewellery as a gift and keepsake."

Who is your inspo when it comes to accessories?

"My style inspiration is Rihanna, she always wears layered jewellery and that's my vibe!

What's next for YBL?

"Also right now I am into the early 2000's jewellery style like JLo in the 'Love don't cost a thing' video, the next collection is based around that vibe."

What Samina shared resonated with me because from uni times she was always into rings, layered necklaces and cute hair accessories so her founding her own business based around this makes sense!

I finally got my first piece from her collection- the first of many

Gotta support my girl and a black business of course!

I purchased the 'Secure the bag' ring in gold. Which is a simple Cubic Zirconia ring with tiny stones all around the band. I'd recommend a size 6 to fit your middle or index finger for small fingers. I appreciate nice packaging (is that just me?) when I buy things so was pleased with the thought put into presentation. Samina includes her business card and also a quote on post card which reads 'use what you have to get want you want!

I had a bit of nostalgia with the complimentary butterfly clips added in. I remember wearing them when I was little!

Also the first pieces from the 'Give Me Gold' collection are drop drop tonight at 7pm!

Check out Young London Boutique on their website and Instagram!

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