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We've been on lockdown for 6/7 weeks now? Lost count


To be honest I wasn't organised or prepared when it came to getting the hair goods. I normally go to the hairdressers once a month for a wash, treatment and to get corn rows done (want the wig to lay flat now  and I don't know how to corn row myself don't judge me lol). If I keep my hair in little twists then I'll take them out for a wash when I feel I need to. 



So PAKS is mine and I'm sure a go to for a lot of us. Whether it be hair dye, extensions (quick Xpression lol), skin staples or a simple soft brush. They like many other shops have been shut and I refused to pay £8 for ONE Cantu shampoo from Tescos  when I knew I could get it cheaper elsewhere. I don't even think it was me being stingy, I just weren't prepared to take that L haha. So I remembered there's a shop called Chris & Sons in Palmers Green that I last went to years ago. They're like a wholesalers for hair/beauty products. I went to their website and what did I see? The Cantu items I normally get for £4/5 each.


That's what I like!


The shampoo was even a bit cheaper than PAKS. The only con was they don't sell the whole range, whereas in PAKS they do so still highly recommended them! I also got some eco styler gel, a go to for natural hair. It has a strong hold and doesn't leave your hair hard or flaky.


But I got what I needed- linked below!



Cantu shampoo and conditioner

Eco styler gel




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