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Sometimes Trousers!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

It was my cousin's birthday dinner a few weeks ago. We went to a restaurant called Firecracker, where you can do a bit of karaoke whilst eating your Chinese! Was a good vibe and laugh. She had the best time singing lol.

Now I love a dress, but the way the weather's been set up this season I knew I would not be on getting my legs out. So a nice alternative I went for was a pair of long flared trousers. I paired this with a satin black shirt (yes all black of course). I loved the fit, the two styled together gave a sleek sophisticated look. The trousers were cute and hugged my hips nicely which I didn't mind lol.

My heels couldn't be seen, but I went for my go to nude snake skin heels from Public Desire.

Now I just need an occasion where I can rock the trousers again!

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