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Fenty Beauty, NARS & Revolutions Mini Beauty Haul

Like I've said before- Make up is fun!

I got some of these products a while back- I was out in Manchester Arndale shopping centre on the look out for a leather jacket but left with Fenty?

Random I know...

Fenty Beauty

I really jumped onto Fenty a bit late but hey. I purchased the Espresso Match Stix last last year which I use often to contour. I've liked the gloss bomb in the shade Fenty Glow, which was the only colour Rihanna originally released when launching Fenty. The Boots I was at in Manchester were out of stock so instead I got the shade Fu$$y, which I love. A brown lip liner with a nude pink gloss is still my go to so this works well! (and it smells amazing).

(Photo Credit: Boots)

I've never used bronzer prior, but loved how the bronzer in the shade Mocha Mami looked on dark skin girls when watching different make up tutorials so decided to try something new. I'm glad I did! It has a red undertone and compliments my skin colour. I apply it just above the cheek bone, sometimes I'll use just that and no blusher.

(Photo Credit: Boots)

I definitely want to try other Fenty products such as their concealer and their bronzer in the shade Coco Naughty. Boots are currently doing 15% off across selected premium hair and beauty products.

(I might of taken advantage of this just before I started typing all of this...)


I've been using the NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation for the past year and like how lightweight it is and you can easily build up the coverage. So I decided to try out their creamy concealer in the warm shade Amande. I've only used it a few times so far but can see how it's similar to the foundation in terms of being lightweight and buildable to your preference. It is also paraben and fragrance free- which is a big pro for me as I have sensitive skin.

(Photo Credit: Boots)


I also re stocked on a favourite which I mentioned in a previous post here. This Sleek concealer does the job, good coverage and affordable! I like mixing drug store products with ones a bit more high end such as NARS. I've been mixing the two together for under my eye.

Make up Revolution

This setting spray does the job and is cost friendly! However I do want to try new ones so suggestions please!

(Photo Credit: Superdrug)


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