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Camel blazer and mom jeans- simple dinner outfit

Smart casual will forever be my go to styled look for an evening out. I went for dinner the other night- pre birthday vibes for my boy!

Food, drink and good company. You can't go wrong!

I also kept in mind to dress for the weather so being warm was key for me! I wore a camel blazer from PLT, with Primark mom jeans and gold perspex heels also from PLT. The simple gold bag dressed it up nicely- also a Primark buy! (I was guilty of going to exchange something but left with a random item eek)

I always lean towards gold jewellery, so accessorised with a chain that was given to me, chunky ear rings and this cute cubic zirconia ring from Young London Boutique (gotta support black businesses! Check out my post on them here)

I'm really not adventurous with hair, so I just tied it back away from my face and went for an easy neutral make up look with a subtle glow.

Simple, not basic is the vibe!


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