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Quarantine Edition

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

I joined You Make It a a few weeks ago now. It's an online women's empowerment programme, including workshops and guest talks delivered by diverse and inspiring professionals. So far some have included a drummer, spoken word artist, an author and health nutritional expert. There's a bit of everything and something for everything which is cool.

The timing has been perfect as it's added more structure to this lockdown life whilst at home, productive and fun! (Especially the guest speaker sessions).

Below is a piece I wrote for one of the weekly tasks, giving a closer insight into how I've been finding the past few weeks.

Okay, so I’ve officially lost count of what week of lockdown we are now in. Nine or ten?

Either way, I think as time has gone on its semi-flown. To be honest; I’m not mad. The first two weeks was low key frustrating for me because it was weird having the choice to leave the house taken away. Even though I love being at home and enjoy my own company, I’ve still missed doing things like seeing my friends, getting my nails done or popping into PAKS, but let’s continue to follow the rules!

I’ve enjoyed having more free time and using this as a chance of self reflection and personal development. I’ve also loved going for walks (running is not for me, not gonna lie!), it’s been made even better since the restrictions were lifted a bit as I went on a walk this week with one of my best friends- we kept a safe distance of course.

In terms of work, I- like many other people do not miss the morning rush to get in. I also don't miss standing up for four and a half hours straight before my lunch break, or dealing with difficult customers. But I do miss my team, I’ve spoken to a few of them so glad to know they’re staying safe.

A few will know that a passion of mine is writing. A goal for me is to leave my current job and get into writing fashion and beauty content. Lockdown has been the perfect chance to give me more time to plan things I want to create and also be more consistent with posting on my blog.

I was really proud that I filmed three hair and beauty videos and posted them. I’ve never been a fan of editing, but it was fun to play around and experiment. I also have ideas for other videos I want to create.

Also since this quarantine life began I’ve gotten more into skin care. So have been researching and got a few products I’m trying out which has been fun.

A highlight for me this week has been starting the You Make It programme. I’m glad Selene recommended it to me, she knows me well and that I’ll benefit from it.

It’s comforting to know that there are other people like me who’ve been through similar situations. I did feel shy and a bit nervous but that’s natural. My friends would disagree with this as I’m known to be the chatty cheeky one, but I’ll definitely come out of my shell!

The mindfulness section I’ve really enjoyed, as it was introduced to me a few years ago. It’s just so soothing and calming. Especially with what’s going on right now, the stress and anxiety can creep in, so it’s good to have a technique which can help to control that.

I’m been sticking to a saying I tell my friends and family and that is ‘stress is not good for the soul’.

So let’s continue to stay safe and take one day at a time.

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